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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Cavey! I’m Holly, an artist and model maker living in London, UK with a penchant for toys and collectibles. After years of prototyping toys for other people i wanted to make something for myself, and viola! Cavey was inspired by my love for my pet guinea pigs. I love their fat little bodies and shy nature and wanted to capture this in an easy-to-carry-around plush. Cavey’s name is a play on ‘Cavies’, the scientific name for guinea pigs.

Every Cavey is lovingly handmade in the UK and comes with a carry case to keep  your new friend safe on his adventures with you. Caveys are shy creatures and come in many breeds, each with their own personalities and that distinctive cheeky smile. Caveys hide themselves in the world around us, if you look closely you may catch one quick enough to say “Hey, Cavey!” and grab a quick picture, you can browse other peoples Cavey-capades in his flickr group.

I started making Caveys in 2010, the first designs were Brown Bear Cavey and Plain Pink cavey. I only made 10 of each and got many emails from people asking if i would be making more that i quickly set about getting a new design together. I now bring out a new design once a month thanks to  a small team of helpers to assist with the sewing of all those little smiley critters. Recently Cavey made a new friend, Coney, who appears along side Cavey for some releases.

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